Being mobile has its advantages when it comes to some LaserTag Action. We can set up in minutes and provide hours of LaserTag, with various game types to keep the Laser Tag games fun, exciting and fast paced, for that adrenaline pumping experience. All you need is to tell us where, when and how many, we take care of the rest.

Specializing in Laser tag parties and Mobile venues. We have done our homework to give the ultimate laser tag experience. Laser tag is enjoyed by players off all ages young and old.

There is no clumsy head gear and hanging wires to bog the payers down while they Rambo the enemy.

A few venues we use click here These venues have proven to be successful with laser tag parties. And great settings for tables to pick nick ad make an afternoon or day out of it. 

laser tag party at Deer Park

laser tag party at Deer Park

Girls enjoy playing laser tag just as much

Girls enjoy playing laser tag just as much

Laser tag enjoyed by all ages

Laser tag enjoyed by all ages

We play night or day

We play night or day

We are mobile and play at your venue

We are mobile and play at your venue

Laser  Tag Party

Laser Tag Party

We recommend ages 7+ for the reason being any younger and they do not understand the game mechanics. And how the game work. 

Anyone can play. we have had family functions where everyone has has played including Grand Pa and Grand Ma . We have all all girls laser tag parties too 

Yes laser tag is safe to play. JUST EGOS MIGHT GET HURT..

The laser tag gun signal is similar to the lights used in a garage opener or TV remote. They do not exceed Class 1 Laser Product Limits and are in conformance with Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 1040.10. Exceed Class 1 Laser Product Limits and are in conformance with Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 1040.10.And has no effect on the eyes.

There are various types of games that we play starting at the easiest game sets. As the players get their aim in we up the difficulty level (game rules).  All games offer unlimited ammo  with up to 16 lives per game depending on fire modes used. The laser tag guns work on memory banks and trackers . Even switching the laser tag gun off and on again it will remain on the team is was and how many lives were left. Anti cheat . Each laser tag gun has 4 fire modes, each with its own sound effects and vibrations . The slower the firing mode the more damage it does. 

There are no vests or head gears to b worn. The laser tag gun itself has its own receiver and transmitter 

We do not do group sizes we do sessions up to 14 players. We recommend minimum group size of at least 8 players. We have found that the ideal group size is 14 players and up. there is no set amount for maximum players. for larger groups we divide the players into teams and host tournament format. complete with scoring and shorter games . those are best suited for day events, school functions and corporates  

Yes it is recommended to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. The sessions tend to fill up quickly 

We have found the roughly a yard the size of a school hall is a good size to work with. Then again the bigger the better. And dont forget the players need something to hide behind.

being mobile we can play anywhere and have a selections of parks and green belts to choose from.  

Anyone can play laser tag

Birthday parties: Lasertag is always a huge hit when it comes to birthday parties, being mobile we can set up at any location being back yard or the park across the road from you. Everything is on the tagger so there is no need for bulky gear, helmets or lengthy confusing safety instructions

School functions/fundraisers: Lasertag always has the longest Que and never enough time. For these functions we offer a set rate. With shorter competitive games to keep the LasertagAction flowing. We can set up either in the school hall or sports fields. (We have had more success using indoor venues as we get to pull out the smoke machine and additional lighting).

Team-building/Office functions: Lasertag is the perfect choice for that team building event or reward for your office team, Lasertag is a great icebreaker which sets a mood for any activity that may follow

  • Birthday parties
  • Company functions
  • Team building
  • Day Functions
  • Fund Raiser / Charity
  • Or simply an addition to an existing activity
  • And can be played by all young and old

90min sessions best suited for parties

  • 90 min sessions
  • 8 to 14 players
  •  4 to 6 games depending on group
  • Fully trained staff
  • your location

180min Sessions + Events/Functions

  • 180 mins +
  • 10 players per game (shorter games )
  • As many games as we may get into the booked time frame
  • Fully trained staff
  •  your location